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What is ground screw

2014-07-29 00:13:06

The ground screw is a drilling pile featured with screw which includes drill, drill pipe, helical blade and connecting pipe. The drill pipe is connected with the power input joint so that the pile would be easier to driven under the ground and then used as the ground screw. The ground screw have osmosis and compaction to the  soil around the pile which will increase resistance to the side friction, that way ,the pile foundation could be provided with stronger bearing capacity, pull-out resistance, horizontal resistance. The ground screw with better stability can decrease the foundation cost, shorten the installation time, and reduce the environmental effect to the photovoltaic bracket system. It has replaced the traditional concrete brace and tower since its invention, and now is widely used in the photovoltaic project with the installation capacity of more than 2GW all around the world. As a shortcut and cost-effective program, the burrow bolt can be applied to the geological environment of friable soil, bedrock, sand, marsh and the slope of less than 30 degree. Nowadays, the   ground screw has been widely used in the solar energy base connection, fixed barrier, fence, flagpole, nameplate and prefabricated house.