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Solar farm aluminum bracket

2014-07-22 19:20:23

Solar farm aluminum bracket

High quality, low price, short delivery

◎High quality: From design to shipment have implemented a strength calculation and quality checks.

◎Low price: In case of quality assurance , striving to reduce costs of design and production.

◎Short delivery: 15 days (Under 3 megawatts).

Simple construction

◎Longitudinal beam、Pillars at front and rear、Cross beam and base are preinstallation at the factory.

◎Save time and costs.

◎Adjustable height of the front and rear pillars.

Material conditions

◎ABracket rails: aluminum alloy AL6005-T5 Treatment: anode acidification.

◎Screws and nuts: Stainless steel SUS304.

The basic model

Aluminum bracket、screw pile

●It can be adjusted to accommodate the amount of sunlight on the ground of the plant.

●Adjustable height of brackets which can suit the different situation of farm.

●Make sure about the free access to people and agricultural machine, convenient for agricultural activities.