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International prices of aluminium

2017-09-04 18:14:58

International prices for aluminium have risen steadily since this year. Demand in the United States has increased and prices have increased, and China's production control has also been a cause of price increases.
In the context of excessive production of China's government policy, environmental awareness is rising. The world's largest aluminum manufacturing country, China, because environmental standards and other production base closed to meet closed reports. The annual production capacity of the closed down is 2 million 680 thousand tons, reducing the annual production capacity by 30%.
In addition, in order to mitigate the environmental pollution in North China, the production control of aluminum and iron and steel will be further promoted.
Economists pointed out that after 2017, the increase in demand also exceeded the increase in production. This analysis of the aluminum industry operating rate and price. About aluminum prices, is expected in October this year will rise further.
However, China's aluminum stocks have reached more than 4 times this year, and there has been a great increase in their views.
In addition, the Shanghai futures exchange aluminum futures at 24 yuan this month, 16 thousand and 650 yuan per ton.
High prices since 2011, the high prices since 2011.