Plan Ahead for Your Shipping during Chinese New Year Holiday Season

Dear customers:

Holiday shipping is very unique comparing with the normal days. During the holiday seasons, the shipments quantity is super big, and most of them will have a tight deadline. There’s a big chance it may impact your business.

The Chinese New Year of 2018 starts on February 15th,(The official public holiday is from Feb 15 to Feb 21, )just one week. Even though the actual holiday is not that long, the celebration can go on for much longer.

Place an order before Jan 22 that you can commit shipment depart from China before CNY.

We will open up again on Feb 21,and after chinese new years the first ship as arrangeed on March 4.

(The delivery is according to the period order and production turns after March 04)。

It'll be shipment in sequence from after a while March 4 according to your order truns and the production truns.

We would like to ask you to understand.

The customer who considers your order before a good sleep in particular confirm the due date sufficiently, please.

Further your order is received at any time in our company in spite of a production stop period above-mentioned.

We'll  sorry to cause you trouble very much, and thank you for accept it.